Science class

Научен клас

DNK’s interactive science class stimulates children’s innate curiosity and sense of adventure, fosters imagination, and shapes their own understanding of the world through Science Demos, Guided Inquiry, and Free Exploration. DNK offers innovative and fun educational packages in Chemistry, Physiscs, Earth Sciences, and Biology. Please, inquire for more specific information.

Why choose DNK’s interactive science class?

Interactive & Hands-on – Children are empowered to actively engage in experiential learning with their own hands. Based on their interests and observations, students provide ideas, seek independent solutions and learn from their own experience.

Interdisciplinary – Cross-linking between the interrelated modules stimulates critical thinking in children and encourages them to analyze, discover patterns and draw conclusions, fostering independent thinking.

Facilitates team work and improves communication skills in children; Develops fine motor skills, patience, focus and attention; Instills a sense of confidence, independence and responsibility; Stimulates imagination, creativity and a personal drive for success.