About DNK Science Edutainment

Did you know that science can be fun while sparking creativity and critical thinking in children? The magic lies hidden in the approach and presentation. In order to grab the attention and ignite the curiosity in children, you need a volumetric flask of knowledge, a pinch of mind-blowing experiments, and a couple of drops of humor. Our breathtaking science shows and fun birthday parties will impress, inspire and make you laugh. As for our interactive science classes and labs, they will fizz out that invaluable sense of adventure in children.

DNK– an abbreviation that spells out both DNA and Kids Science Class in Bulgarian – was created by Yavor Denchev, who earned his BSc and MSc in Microbiology from the University of Victoria, Canada. Not your typical scientist, he also has extensive experience in the children entertainment industry in both Canada and Bulgaria. Therefore, our goal at DNK is to prove that science is not just an unattainable pile of dry formulas and bland figures; on the contrary, science is exciting, interesting and useful. It is essentially a way of thinking that paves the way to new horizons and develops invaluable skills in children.

Birthday Parties

If there were anything that we love more than science, that would be the science birthday parties. We specialize in science laboratories for children and interactive science shows with impressive demonstrations, which will make children laugh, discover and fall in love with the magic of science over and over again. Giant elephant toothpaste, dry ice shower, silly slime, airzookas and flying toilet paper – the fun has just begun, so put on your goggles and lab coats, because it is time for a science party! Choose a party package now.


Science class

Request an interactive science class or a laboratory at your kindergarten or school. Interactive science stimulates the innate curiosity and sense of adventure in children, develops imagination, and shapes their own understanding of the world. While having fun stirring up slimy potions, revealing invisible messages or creating electric circuits, children will explore the scientific principle and will develop creativity and ingenuity.


If you are planning an event for the children of your employees or you would like to draw more children and their parents to your business and you are looking for something innovative, different and incredibly fun, DNK offers a variety of science shows and workshops. These can happen virtually anywhere, from the mall to the park. In addition, we have special corporate programs for Christmas, Halloween, the International Children’s day and others. We will work with your ideas and our expertise to create an unforgettable science adventure for your little scientists.